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When ambitious young writer Rudy Quest gets drawn into the film business, he uncovers a series of biblical frauds used to manipulate a spiritually starved audience, a discovery which will ultimately threaten his life. As he delves through an entrenched and powerfully motivated religion, Rudy is set for a blazing confrontation with a doctor, a church leader and a film director.

For most there is comfort in the knowledge that a distinct line is drawn in Christianity between right and wrong, good and evil, heaven and hell - or could they be one and the same?

John Allen sails close to the wind as he probes the manipulation of the masses via the media, in particular the movie industry. Often used as a tool for the control of entire societies, it is the doctrines of Christianity that fall victim to the author's surgical skill.

Far more than a mere horror/antichrist vision of the future, the reader is presented with enough evidence to draw a large and frightening question-mark over the very fabric of twentieth-century society and its links with a pseudo-religion.


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