Coming Of Age

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In 1877, Maximilienne Carpentier died after being shipwrecked off the Danish coast.  Emilie Carpentier, however, survived the tragedy, and suddenly this diminutive cousin of the enigmatic Max finds herself thrust center-stage as the drama surrounding her mid-Atlantic island and its potential for evil unfolds.


But Emilie's troubles aren't only external.  Forced to this out-of-the-way place by circumstances beyond her control, she meets duty more than she can bear, temptation greater than she ever envisaged, and hope more fulfilling than any that has yet entered her life.  From a dread of personal relationships to the fear of fear itself, this young woman finds herself coming of age in every aspect as she sways between raw physical passion and deep emotional insight.


Answering the need for a sequel to The Islander, the author now gives us rare insight into the mind - and heart - of a woman.

Coming Of Age

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