Hipper Crit

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From the Mountain Cabin to The Land of Altered Perspective, from the Great Cave to the Far Country, from Hipper Crit to Mandible Gnaw...

An unusual journey, yet a familiar path. Compelling and insightful, this fantasy will enthrall young and old alike.

Join Rhindol and Bandor as they struggle against the vile beast of the swampish lowlands, whose only purpose is to destroy those making the journey to the Far Country. Share their concern as they reason with the inhabitants of The Land, or simply appreciate the changes they themselves undergo in order to live side by side with The Willing.

Listen in on the High Council's deliberations. Their purpose is to implement the will of The Goodman, but they do so with limited knowledge of his plans and unexpected rebellion within their own camp.

Finally, enter the heart of the rebel himself, and walk with him to the edge of the precipice and beyond...

A fascinating tale with universal appeal.

Hipper Crit

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