Indecent Disciple

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Frank Esdon's alone in this world, a drifter with nowhere to go and no family to turn to.

Then a chance comment by a coffee-bar worker sparks a fire that envelops many in its blaze-including a lawyer, a preacher and an industrialist. With poisonous roots in his past, there are far-reaching consequences for all who come into contact with Frank, and decisions must be hammered out in the daily grind of everyday life, affecting not only those who want his body, but also those who want his soul.

But Frank isn't the pushover he portrays. Growing up quickly in the corporate life, he's forced to handle situations even his new boss can't negotiate. Around the trivia of an obscure life, the author weaves a challenging narrative. 

From ancient heresy in the Church to blatant seduction in the ward, John Allen intrigues us with this unusual tale. Abortion and sacrilege travel side by side as Frank emerges from anonymity and steps out to find his real purpose in life.

Indecent Disciple

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