The Singer Also Sang

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School violence and kids with guns - the scourge of the nation and the dread of every parent. But what happens when the teacher is the perp, with unlimited resources and total control? The Singer Also Sang spells out this horrifying scenario in graphic detail.

Sebastian Wills teaches evolution. He can't see why the class rejects his theories.

Grant Penderton has his own ideas about the subject. His problem is he doesn't know when to quit.

Kim is the girl with the golden voice. She's embarrassed by all the fuss in class.

Richard lives for sport. He's also the best friend Kim and Grant will ever have.

Simone is a French exchange student. She doesn't understand why her English classmates are so short on logic.

Ralston Adler is a talent scout. He will commit murder to sign up Kim's voice - and her body.

Ray is a minister. He finds out the hard way what real commitment costs.

Megan is Ray's wife. Her dreams take the situation from one disaster to another.

Written with insatiable humor and deep insight, John Allen bares the soul of the problem, bringing us to an explosive finale that boggles the mind in its scope.

The Singer Also Sang

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