The Carpentier Diaries

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As revealed in their diaries, the equatorial Atlantic legacy of Maximilienne and Emilie Carpentier exposes them to dangerous situations and treacherous loves. Determined to retain their island inheritance, the cousins encounter amorous seducers and determined enemies, with neither woman always sure of the difference between friend and foe. What is certain, however, is that they must wrestle for every inch of the birthright they treasure, even when their most dangerous antagonists are their closest relatives.

Centered around a waterfall, a cave and a labyrinth, their story is as inspiring as it is unusual. Fighting for survival, Maximilienne finds herself both guileless and vulnerable, and with Emilie her only encouragement, death often seems the most welcome of solutions—either that, or she must bring down her enemies, but since that would destroy her young cousin’s family, the choice is far from easy.

Eventually, however, the two women gain control, although even this victory is short-lived, and following a tragedy neither could foresee, Emilie is left to redeem the family name and inheritance. In her record of how she accomplishes this, her life, loves and confessions produce a most remarkable eighteenth-century tale. In the roughand-tumble world of gunrunning and slavery, the Carpentier cousins’ commitment to their legacy provides responses that only the most determined can offer.

Maximilienne Carpentier is an elusive and enigmatic figure. As fascinating as the island she lives on, this guileless and emotionally vulnerable woman is betrayed by
her lover and left for dead by her family, yet through all these conflicts she still finds the courage to oppose—and the heart to forgive—those who have threatened her.

Her cousin Emilie, however, is cut from different cloth, and her subsequent situation is as unwelcome as it is challenging. Cared for by strangers after being shipwrecked, she must find her way back to her island legacy, not only to bury the past, but also provide for the future. What she meets along the way, however, is an emotional storm far outweighing the hurricane that destroyed her ship, and as the revelations about her inmost self rise up to confront her, Emilie's hard-pressed to find the closure she seeks.

As related in their diaries, the stories these women tell of their passionate love and unwilling retribution are both poignant and frank, and make remarkable reading.

The Carpentier Diaries

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