A Touch Of Uncertainty

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Emerging from a crippling divorce settlement that threatens to strip him even of his dignity, the author takes us on a voyage of discovery into a world of enlightenment and hope.  Set up to show a young French tourist around town, he agrees reluctantly - until he meets the tourist. From then on, it's uphill all the way...

Against a backdrop of European travel and laced with a wealth of experience, the author opens himself to the possibility of rekindled hope. Taking the first hesitant steps towards a whole  relationship, we emerge with him into the uniqueness of life in France, and one French person in particular...

Meet the family. Parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, all play their part in this revealing autobiographical novel. From the demise of a bad relationship to the birth of a good one, little is excluded from the author's perceptive tale. Life beyond city limits has never been this interesting: in a journey both physical and spiritual, love across cultural barriers is brought squarely into the realm of everyday experience and given the treatment it deserves.

A Touch Of Uncertainty

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