Unveiling Revelation

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According to its opening verses, Revelation is intended for all people, in all ages, in all places, so this interpretation won't need revising as headlines change and years roll by. Because the author's premise is that scripture interprets scripture, the presentation is biblical in execution, timeless in application.

Drawing exclusively from the Old Testament, John Allen expounds the symbolism of Revelation, demonstrating that this is how the earliest readers of this document understood it. Working from these clear guidelines, the author avoids the hype and political overtones that have caused many recent interpretations to date so rapidly.

Establishing that it is an understanding of scripture rather than an excess of emotion that enables us to come to grips with what God is saying to His Church, he shows that this last great book of the Bible exalts Jesus and declares His people triumphant in this world.

This publication is a must for all those weary of books about Revelation that are redundant by the time they go to press.

Unveiling Revelation

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